Tabletop Football

Sport director

Andreas Kovacs

Österreichischer Tischfußballverband

(Austrian Foosball Federation)


Team tournament for women’s, men’s and mixed teams. A team consists of 2 players. In addition, we offer a team tournament for all participants. Each team needs 4 players (3 men and 1 woman). The rounds consist of a qualifier and an elimination phase. Players can choose from the officially recognised table types “Garlando” and “Leonhart”. The officially recognised tournament balls will be used. Participants can take part in more than one event, e.g. women’s doubles, mixed and team, or men’s doubles, mixed and team. The rules of the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) apply.

Sport Venue

Messezentrum Salzburg (1. Stock)

Am Messezentrum 1

5020 Salzburg


How to get there

Bus stop:

“Salzburg Messe”

Public transport:

Bus numbers 1 and 8



Schedules and results:

Competition format

In all events there will be a qualifying round with at least 4 matches. The qualifiers will be played in a single set to 7 goals. All players/teams advance to the knockout phase. The matches are determined according to the qualifier results, so that the players/teams with the best results compete against each other at as late a stage as possible. Afterwards, the single-knockout mode is used (best of 5).


Competition rules

The official international tournament rules of the International Tablesoccer Federation (ITSF) apply.



The scoring within the qualifying groups follows the points system (win = 1 point; loss = 0 point). In the event of a draw, the goal difference before the direct match is decisive.


Important information

Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get from your accommodation to the sport venue. In addition to public transport, you are welcome to make use of our two special bus lines: ECSG Linie Rif (R) and ECSG Linie Wals (W). Special shuttle buses (leaving from the Messezentrum) are also available for participants in our golf and cycling events. For more information, please ask at your hotel reception or visit the infopoint at the Messezentrum.


Each person participates in the European Company Sport Games 2019 in Salzburg at their own risk.

Each participant is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate accident insurance coverage.