Sport Director

Franz Nagele

Salzburger Orientierungslaufverband

(Salzburg Orienteering Association)


Individual tournament for women and men (2 days) with additional team score (3 starters per company). The participants will be divided into 5 age groups: Group A (18–30 years), Group B (31–40 years), Group C (41–50 years), Group D (51–60 years) and Group E (over 60 years). The following events will be held: Classic single distance and sprint distance. The map scale is 1:5000 – 1:10000.

Sport Venues

Schlosspark Hellbrunn

Fürstenweg 37

5020 Salzburg


Sportzentrum Nord – Salzachsee

Josef-Brandstätter-Straße 9

5020 Salzburg


How to get there

Schlosspark Hellbrunn (Day 1)

Bus stop: „Salzburg Schloss Hellbrunn“

Public transport: Bus number 25


Sportzentrum Nord – Salzachsee (Day 2)

Bus stop: „Theodostraße“, „Hagenaustraße“

Public transport: Bus number 7



Schedules and results:

Competition format

The competitions are held in the City of Salzburg.

27 June 2019, Hellbrunn, sprint distance – starting time 10am

28 June 2019, Salzachseen, classic single distance – starting time 10am


Competition rules

The rules of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) apply. The “Sport Ident” (SI) system will be used to record times at the control points.



The scoring in the individual events is based on the results. The team score consists of the accumulated times of the 3 registered team members.


Important information

Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get from your accommodation to the sport venue. In addition to public transport, you are welcome to make use of our two special bus lines: ECSG Linie Rif (R) and ECSG Linie Wals (W). Special shuttle buses (leaving from the Messezentrum) are also available for our golf players and cyclists. For more information, please ask at your hotel reception or visit the infopoint in the Messezentrum.


Each person participates in the European Company Sport Games 2019 in Salzburg at their own risk.

Each person is responsible for ensuring that he or she has appropriate accident insurance coverage.