Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it still possible to register teams or individual athletes?

No, registration ended on 26 April! However, teams that are already registered can still enter individual athletes. This also applies to accompanying persons until further notice.


When will the final tournament schedules and starting times be available?

We will have finalised the detailed plans by the beginning of June and will publish them in mid-June. In any case, all athletes will be competing on the two main competition days, Thursday and Friday!


How are courses allocated at the golf events?

In order to keep things moving smoothly on the six available courses, players are allocated according to their handicaps. This means that golfers from the same company but with different handicaps cannot play together on the same course!


Are participants covered by an accident insurance provided by the organiser?

No. According to our conditions of participation, you take part in the Games at your own risk and are responsible for taking out your own accident insurance.


Is merchandise also available for purchase during the Games themselves?

Yes, you can purchase T-shirts from one of our partners in the Messezentrum between 26 and 29 June.


Are drug tests to be expected?

Like all other non-professional sport competitions, the EFCS events – and hence also the ECSG – are subject to the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The Austrian National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA Austria) is therefore entitled to carry out drug tests.


Is there a charge for parking at the Messezentrum?

Yes, the use of the car park is subject to a charge. If you park your car there during the day (for example, because you are using the golf and cycling shuttles), you must expect to pay up to the maximum daily rate of EUR 8.


How does accreditation work?

Accreditation is a very precisely planned process. We are counting on you to help us ensure everything runs smoothly. All details here.


What public transport can I use during the Games?

Your participant ID entitles you to use our comprehensive transport package, which comprises all public transport in and around the City of Salzburg (public buses, Albus buses), as well as additional transport services. All details here.