Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I still enter additional athletes for a team I have already registered?

Yes, please just contact us (+43 662 8888-700) or send us an email with the data of the athlete(s) to


Is it still possible to register teams or individual athletes?

This is still possible in certain cases. Please contact us for more information (+43 662 8888-700,


Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

No, but your invoice counts as confirmation of registration for the ECSG Salzburg 2019. PLEASE NOTE: Your participation in the event is only secured upon timely payment of the invoice!


When will the lists of participants be published?

We will publish the lists of participants on our website at the beginning of April.


When will the final tournament schedules and starting times be available?

The schedules will be finalised at the end of May and published in early June.


How can I still get a hotel room?

A selection of hotel rooms is still available from our partner, Panorama Tours. Please find details on our website, or contact Panorama Tours directly: Tel. +43 699 18 88 32 59 or email


How are courses allocated at the golf events?

In order to keep things moving smoothly on the six available courses, players are allocated according to their handicaps. This means that golfers from the same company but with different handicaps cannot play together on the same course!


How long will the event collection be available for purchase online?

Our partner’s web shop will be online until the end of May. If you place an order after that, it may not arrive before the start of the Games.


Are participants covered by an accident insurance provided by the organiser?

No. According to our conditions of participation, you take part in the Games at your own risk and are responsible for taking out your own accident insurance.


Is merchandise also available for purchase during the Games themselves?

Yes, you can purchase T-shirts from one of our partners in the Messezentrum between 26 and 29 June.