Design your own individual ECSG team outfit!

High-quality sportswear for individuals or teams in our online shop

Personalise your sportswear or event outfit – for yourself, your team or your company. Our online configurator gives you countless design options. Whether your item of choice is an event shirt, sports t-shirt, shorts, a jacket, polo shirt or fan scarf, you decide what it will look like. You can choose from a wide range of colours and then add your company logo or an image. On top of that, you can even add the names of individual players and a pictogram of the discipline you’re competing in!

Benefit from:

  • personalised items based on the event design

  • wide range of colours to choose from 

  • addition of logos and images 

  • names of individual athletes 

  • pictograms of individual disciplines 

  • premium, breathable fabrics 

  • durability 

We hope you have fun designing your look! 

Be inspired!

Examples of team outfits:

This video explains how to design and order your individual ECSG outfit – regardless of whether you want individual items or a head-to-toe outfit for your whole team.