Dragon Boat

Sport director

Peter Widhalm

Österreichischer Drachenbootverband

(Austrian Dragon Boat Federation)

Team tournament divided into “beginner” and “advanced” (separate races). A team consists of 21 persons in total (including drummer). The organiser will provide the steerspeople (sweeps). The races will take place over 250 metres (on day 1) and 500 metres (on day 2). The format of the tournament will depend on the number of teams. Combined teams (i.e. with participants from different companies) are also allowed to compete.

Sport Venues

Bürmooser See (bathing lake)

Glasbläser Promenade 5

5111 Bürmoos


How to get there

Train stop:

„Bahnhof Bürmoos“

Public transport:

Local train S1 and S 11 (departure from Salzburg main station)



Schedules and results:

Competition format

Team competition over 250m (Day 1) and 500m (Day 2). The competition will use 2 boats and professional timekeeping. There will be no starting bays; the starter will direct the teams to the starting line from the water’s edge.

  • 250m: Start and finish line, side and middle buoy, no lanes
  • 500m: Start with 30s difference. Various turn buoys, in order to make best possible use of the small lake

Competition rules

  • Each team consists of 16 to 20 paddlers and one drummer.
  • The drummer is mandatory.
  • The organiser will provide the steerer.
  • Teams may use their own steerer, provided he/she is an experienced dragon boat steerer.
  • The organiser will provide the boats and paddles. Paddlers may use their own paddles.
  • A coordinated team outfit would be preferable – the more creative the better.


Day 1 over 250m: Each team completes 3 timed runs. The 4 best teams move on to the semifinals, and the semifinal winners proceed to the finals.

Day 2 over 500m: Each team completes 2 runs; the faster one counts. The two best teams compete in the finals, again with a 30s difference.



Thursday and Friday noon – 2pm: Training

Each team has 30 minutes to train on these days. First come, first serve. In the event that a team arrives late, training may no longer be possible.

From 2pm onwards: Races

Approx. 5pm: Award ceremony



Before the race each participant must sign a form confirming that he/she can swim at least 100m fully clothed. The organiser will provide life jackets that can be used as desired. It is not mandatory to use the life jackets.

The steerers must ensure that their boats maintain a straight course so that the other boat is not endangered. If the team’s own steerer does not ensure this, the organiser reserves the right to replace him/her with a steerer appointed by the organiser. It is generally prohibited to jump off the boat into the water. If a boat capsizes due to such an incident, the organiser reserves the right to disqualify the team.


Important information

Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get from your accommodation to the sport venue. In addition to public transport, you are welcome to make use of our two special bus lines: ECSG Linie Rif (R) and ECSG Linie Wals (W). Special shuttle buses (leaving from the Messezentrum) are also available for participants in our golf and cycling events. For more information, please ask at your hotel reception or visit the infopoint at the Messezentrum.


Each person participates in the European Company Sport Games 2019 in Salzburg at their own risk.

Each participant is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate accident insurance coverage.