Sport Directors

Heinz Reiter

Chairman of Landleben

ARBÖ Salzburg cycling team

Willi Burner

Chairman of RC Feuerwehr Austria


Individual tournament for women and men. The participants will be divided into 5 age groups: Group A (18–30 years), Group B (31–40 years), Group C (41–50 years), Group D (51–60 years) and Group E (over 60 years). Both an individual time trial (10.4km round course) and a road race (round course of max. 52km) will be held.

Sport Venues

Friedburg municipality

Salzburger Strasse 9

A-5211 Friedburg


How to get there

Bus stop:

“Gemeinde Friedburg”

Public transport:

ECSG shuttle service (departing from Messezentrum):

Shuttle service - Cycling
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Schedules and results:

Competition format

The individual time trials will take place on a 9.9km circular course on Thursday, 27 June (starting times from 11.30am).

Start: Next to the assisted living facilities (5211 Friedburg, Baierbergstrasse 3)

Finish: On the B147, next to “Pizza Kebap Klas”, 5211 Friedburg (Sportplatz), Salzburger Strasse 21


The road race will take place on the same circular course on Friday, 28 June (women and men 5 laps) – Start: 11.30am

Pre-race line-up: 11am next to the start area “Pizza Kebap Klas”, 5211 Friedburg (Sportplatz), Salzburger Strasse 21

Start/Finish: On the B147, next to “Pizza Kebap Klas”, 5211 Friedburg (Sportplatz), Salzburger Strasse 21

Race numbers will be issued at the race office (Sportplatz Friedburg, 5211 Friedburg, Salzburger Strasse 21) from 9.30am until 1 hour before the start on the respective race day.


All participants must return the timekeeping transponder to the race director after the race. Should a participant not return the transponder, he/she will be charged € 70.00.


The award ceremonies will take place in the Asphaltstockhalle (behind the residential building, 5211 Friedburg, Salzburger Strasse 11) – at approx. 4pm on Thursday (individual time trials) and at approx. 2pm on Friday (road race). Refreshments will be provided in the Asphaltstockhalle.


Competition rules

Individual time trials (rules)


Conduct during the race

Participants may only use the right lane. In order to ensure safety and fairness while overtaking, it is imperative to always ride as far right as possible. Cutting corners is strictly prohibited and leads to disqualification! Slipstreaming is prohibited and leads to disqualification without exception! The Austrian traffic regulations (StVO) must be strictly adhered to.


What is slipstreaming?

Blatant slipstreaming right behind a competitor or at a distance of less than 10m and at the same speed as the competitor ahead. A rider overtaking must leave a lateral gap of 2m; the person being overtaken may, in turn, not take advantage of the slipstream of the person overtaking.


Road race (rules)


Lapped cyclists may only ride on the right.

They may not lead.

“Negative laps” are added to the score of lapped cyclists.


In the event that a cyclist violates these rules, he/she will be eliminated and must leave the race.

As soon as the lead rider has completed 4 laps, a bell is sounded to signalise to him/her and to all other riders that the last lap has begun. The commentator will also call out “last lap”. The race ends upon completion of the 5th lap (finish).

After crossing the finish line, all riders must leave the course on the right-hand side after about 50m.


Technical requirements


All (racing) bicycles with distinct racing handlebars (no aero road handlebars) without any trailers and without disc wheels.

  • No time trial bicycles
  • No triathlon bicycles
  • Helmets are obligatory
  • Disc brakes are allowed

Health, liability (applies to both races)


All participants are advised to have a medical examination prior to the tournament! All participants are again reminded that they must adhere to the Austrian traffic regulations, which they must verify with their signature when registering! With this signature the participant also confirms that he/she has taken out a valid liability insurance and accident insurance with an insurance company approved in Austria. Each participant is also aware of any risks not covered by his/her private insurance.



The 3 fastest women and men in the respective age groups and competitions will receive medals.


Important information

Please ensure that you leave yourself enough time to get from your accommodation to the sport venue. In addition to public transport, you are welcome to make use of our two special bus lines: ECSG Linie Rif (R) and ECSG Linie Wals (W). Special shuttle buses (leaving from the Messezentrum) are also available for participants in our golf and cycling competitions. For more information, please ask at your hotel reception or visit the infopoint at the Messezentrum.


Each person participates in the European Company Sport Games 2019 in Salzburg at their own risk.

Each participant is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate accident insurance coverage.