Accreditation on 26 June 2019:

What you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Accreditations and start packages will be issued between 9am and 10pm on Wednesday, 26 June, at the Messezentrum Salzburg, Am Messezentrum 1, Foyer Hall 10.


Companies that passed their arrival details on to us and that will be arriving at Salzburg main station or Salzburg airport can take advantage of our extra service. We are in direct contact with these companies. Companies that did not inform us of their arrival (deadline: 22 May 2019) can only carry out their accreditation at Messezentrum Salzburg.


PLEASE NOTE: The counters are arranged according to nations and the start packages are in alphabetical order corresponding to the name of the company/club as provided during registration. It is therefore vital that you state that exact name when picking up your start packages!


Accreditations to be picked up collectively for entire companies!

Please note that the accreditations for each company must be picked up collectively at our counters. Under no circumstances will start packages and IDs be handed out to individual persons from companies!


Ideally, the team leader or some other person appointed by the company will collect the accreditations. This person must check the list of registered participants from the company and confirm that he/she has received the start packages.


In the event that the company’s team is extremely big and the number of start packages to be collected therefore correspondingly high, this person may bring along a second person to assist them. Apart from that, we ask you to keep the groups in front of the counters small!


Collection of ECSG City Run bib numbers

During the accreditation process, the team leaders will also be issued bib numbers for those participants from their company who have registered for the ECSG City Run on Saturday, 29 June. Please also hand these over to the runners in your team!