Sport Festival

Tens of thousands of visitors are attracted to our beautiful city of Salzburg for two main reasons: The first is the Baroque centre, nestled in breath-taking surroundings at the edge of the Alps. It’s no coincidence that Salzburg has been called the “Rome of the North”. The second reason is that Salzburg is a hotspot of classical music, thanks to the world’s most gifted and famous composer, W.A. Mozart, who was born and raised here. The city is also known for its Salzburg Festival, which attracts not only artists, but also visitors from around the world each year.


But Salzburg is not only a cultural region. It has often proved that it is also capable of hosting sport festivals. Take, for instance, the 1991 Ski World Championships, the 2006 Cycling World Cup, UEFA Euro 2008, or the aforementioned 2003 European Company Sport Games – Salzburg has always been an excellent host, and we are sure that we can again offer our participants a great sport festival in 2019.



Modern sport venues

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