Team tournament for women’s, men’s and mixed teams (under and over 40 years). Each team consists of 2 to no more than 4 players in total. The participating teams will be divided into groups of 3 teams in the preliminary round. Each match consists of 3 games in the following order: doubles, 1st singles, 2nd singles, and is played with a time limit (60 minutes including a 5-minute warm-up). Only games are counted and no sets. The rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) apply. The number of participating teams is limited to 69 teams.

Sport Venues

Tennisanlage STC

Iganz-Rieder-Kai 3

5020 Salzburg


Tennisanlage Maxglan

Eichetstraße 29-31

5020 Salzburg


Tennishalle Feller

Paracelsusstraße 30

5020 Salzburg


Tennisanlage GM Sports

Eisgrabenstraße 32

5081 Anif


Tenniscamp Bergheim

Plainbachstraße 11-15

5101 Bergheim