As an international tourist magnet, Salzburg offers high-quality hotels in all categories. Most of the participants in the 2019 Games can be accommodated in hotels in the City of Salzburg. Neighbouring towns and villages around Salzburg also offer a wide range of hotels.

Three-star, four-star and five-star hotels are available. Each category offers our participants comfortable rooms that meet the high standards expected of a festival city. Package prices are per person in a double room for four nights including breakfast. Athletes are welcome to extend their stay if they wish.

Large selection of hotels

Transport guarantee – for bookings made through ECSG Salzburg 2019

We work together with a professional travel agency to secure hotel contingents for the participants in the Games, so that we can guarantee the best possible accommodation for all teams. Further, we provide a “transport guarantee” for hotel bookings made through our partner: Like in 2003, we are again working out an elaborate bus system that will comprise several routes specially tailored to our guest athletes and complement the existing public transport network. This guarantee of short transfer times only applies to participants staying in our partner hotels.


Base prices*

Base prices per person for 4 nights including breakfast

Single room from € 395 Single room from € 330 Single room from € 240
Double room from € 290 Double room from € 250 Double room from € 175
Triple room from € 250 Triple room from € 200 Triple room from € 155

*) These prices are approximate (based on current information). The finalised prices will be published in Bulletin 2 in summer 2018.